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Whether you're an international student interested in pursuing a doctorate in chemistry, a domestic student considering a master's in economics, or a non-degree-seeking student who hopes to grow professionally, these pages will guide you through the admissions process.

This website guides you through the Graduate College application requirements and timetables; please visit your department/degree program website for information on their particular admissions requirements and deadlines.

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Degree-Seeking Student

Please note that to be considered for admission, prospective students must complete the online application, as well as provide your program of interest the materials that they require. In most cases, department application materials can be uploaded into your online application; doing so will expedite your application processing. Please check with your graduate program of interest to find their application requirements and guidelines for submission.

U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident

Non-U.S. and Non-Permanent Resident

Non-Degree-Seeking Graduate Student

If you have an undergraduate degree and wish to enroll in selected graduate studies courses for professional advancement or personal fulfillment, you can do so without formally applying or being admitted to the Graduate College. The link below will guide you through the registration process.

Non-Degree-Seeking Graduate Student
Non-degree seeking students will NOT qualify for an I-20/F-1 Visa.

Transcript Evaluations

All students are required to submit one official transcript from all postsecondary institutions attended, showing all degrees and coursework, the dates awarded, and extension and correspondence work.

*Note: After May 1, 2010, all applicants (international and domestic) to graduate degree programs (except applicants to the College of Engineering, Economics, or Management Information Systems; these applicants are exempt from this policy and may apply directly to the Graduate College) are required to provide a course-by-course evaluation of all foreign credentials (transcripts from institutions outside the United States) from one of the external evaluating agencies listed below*.
Foreign credentials refer to transcripts from educational institutions outside the United States. When ordering your foreign credential evaluation, please be sure that your grade point average (GPA) is calculated and included in your agency evaluation. We require applicants to have their evaluation sent directly to UNLV from one of the following NACES approved agencies:

  1. Josef Silny & Associates (order university course-by-course evaluation, plus GPA)
  2. World Education Services (order course-by-course evaluation report, which includes GPA)
  3. International Education Research Foundation (order Detail Report, which includes GPA)
  4. Educational Credential Evaluators (order course-by-course evaluation report, which includes GPA)

*Applicants to graduate degree programs in the College of Engineering to Management Information Systems, and to Economics are exempt from having their transcripted evaluated by one of the agencies above. These applicants must still submit official, sealed transcripts (in English) as part of their application process to the Graduate College.