*Please note that this office does not provide academic advising; students must consult with the graduate coordinator in their own graduate program, or program of interest, for academic guidance.

The purpose of the advising services is to provide informal and student-centered issue-resolution services, and general advising advice, to graduate students and prospective graduate students. The office offers guidance, information, and assistance when regular channels have failed to provide graduate students with the information that they need to solve problems or make informed decisions.

This office’s goal is to ensure that all members of the university graduate community have access to the information they require, and to ensure due process. The office will accomplish this by answering questions and/or connecting graduate students with faculty or staff who can assist them with their questions, concerns, or problems. The office will assist graduate students locate and understand UNLV, and Graduate College policies and procedures. The office does not provide legal counsel; we can direct graduate students to the sections of the Nevada System of Higher Education codes and Graduate Catalog that apply to their particular questions or situations. This service is intended to provide graduate students with an alternative source of information, clarification, and guidance in order to produce quality customer service to our graduate students. The office will strive to provide friendly, knowledgeable assistance that helps to resolve issues and challenges graduate students may face, and to do so in ways that are empowering and productive in order to avoid escalation into more serious problems.

The Graduate College Student Advising Services Office may be able to assist current or prospective graduate students in the following circumstances:

Student cases are transferred or closed if or when:

These policies may be amended from time to time and the most recent amendment shall be applicable. In unusually challenging or difficult situations, student cases may be referred to the Dean or Senior Associate Dean of the Graduate College for handling.

If you feel you need the assistance of the Graduate College Student Advising Services please contact:

Valarie C. Burke, Executive Director of Graduate Student Services
FDH 331

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