The Graduate College offers the following resources to assist you as you guide your studentsí graduate education. This information should help you become more familiar with Graduate College policies, procedures, and resources.

  1. Admissions & Enrollment Information for Departments Read about GC admissions and enrollment policies and procedures so that you can advise your prospective and current students accordingly.
  2. Electronic Initiatives Information for the latest Graduate College electronic initiatives.
  3. Faculty Doctoral Graduate Research Assistantship Program
  4. FAQs Find answers to your most frequently asked questions.
  5. Graduate Assistantships Request a graduate assistant and review the expectations and procedures.
  6. Graduate Coordinators Review the roles and responsibilities associated with this essential position.
  7. Graduate Council & Committees Explore information about the Graduate Council and committees, including: Curriculum, Program Review, Faculty & Student Issues, Graduate Student Funding, Professional Development, New Programs & Program Revisions, and the Executive Committee.
  8. Graduate Faculty StatusApply for graduate faculty status or renew your status in order to serve on student committees and teach graduate-level coursework.
  9. Graduate Study Timeline for Students Review and use this important resource to mentor your graduate students.
  10. Publications Rely on this collection of publications to understand the policies, procedures, and expectations of the Graduate College.
  11. Outstanding Graduate College Faculty Award This prestigious annual award recognizes one outstanding graduate faculty member with a documented record of dedication to, and successful mentorship of, graduate students and has demonstrated excellence in graduate education.
  12. Scholarships & Fellowships Learn about funding opportunities for your students.
  13. UNLV Outstanding Graduate Student Teaching Award To be eligible, candidates must have taught at least 2 complete classes in the last 3 years. Applications should be emailed to GradStudentSvc@unlv.edu. All masters and doctoral students are eligible for consideration, subject to the guidelines provided with the application.
  14. UNLV Graduate College Outstanding Thesis & Dissertation Awards Eligible projects for this year's Outstanding Thesis and Outstanding Dissertation awards are those successfully defended between December 1st, 201, and August 1st, 2013.
  15. Graduate Access Retention Awards Policy and Guidelines Emergency retention grants are intended to assist graduate students with immediate financial assistance to prevent students from withdrawing from a program due to sudden, catastrophic financial hardship prior to completing their degree.  Retention funds should not be perceived as an alternative "reward"  system for students with high GPA's, Graduate Assistants, or students who did not receive another scholarship/grant.  The funds are intended to address immediate, short-term financial crises that would impede the student's ability to complete their degree program.
  16. Graduate Access Recruitment Funds Policy and Guidelines Recruitment awards should be utilized to assist departments and academic colleges in their strategic efforts to recruit outstanding new graduate students, diversify their graduate student body, and/or invest in targeted graduate programs that would benefit from enrollment growth.

Graduate Council & Committees