Graduate Coordinators

The graduate coordinator serves a vital role in graduate education at UNLV. Graduate coordinators are the primary point of contact for graduate education and graduate students in the academic departments. Though the responsibilities of the graduate coordinators vary among departments and graduate programs, graduate coordinators are generally responsible for overseeing the recruitment, admissions, matriculation/forms, GA appointments, and graduation requirements for graduate students in their departments in coordination with the Graduate College. Here is a copy of the Fall 2014 Graduate Coordinator Training PowerPoint for your reference; please also refer to Article 4 of the Graduate College Bylaws for a description of the role of the Graduate Coordinator.

Graduate coordinators are responsible for the management and oversight of the day-to-day operations of graduate programs in their departments. This typically includes:

Graduate coordinators are the official liaison between the department and the graduate college on all matters related to the oversight and management of departmental graduate programs. Through their appointment to the Graduate Council, graduate coordinators also serve as members of Graduate College committees and assist with the formation and implementation of key graduate college policies and programs. Graduate coordinators each serve on at least one Graduate College committee as well as provide advice and counsel to the Graduate College dean on a variety of issues.

Graduate Council & Committees