Financing Options

Your graduate education will be the best investment you ever make. Numerous grants, scholarships, and fellowships are available to help you cover your cost. The following information will help graduate students review their options.

  1. Costs, Tuition, FeesReview the costs associated with graduate studies on the Cashiering and Student Accounts site. Please note that there are standard state tuition rates and fees which apply to most graduate programs, but a small group of graduate programs are subject to differential tuition. This means that in select programs, the tuition and fees are higher than the standard state rates. For more information about graduate programs with differential tuition/fees, please click here.
  2. FAFSATo qualify for federal student loans & financial aid packages, you must submit a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). Also, to qualify for many graduate student scholarships, you must submit a FAFSA (even if you don't want or don't need financial aid). The deadline is February 1st, but if it is already past that deadline, please submit your FAFSA immediately anyway. Don’t miss scholarship and funding opportunities!
  3. UNLV Fellowships & Scholarships Apply for a variety of merit-based scholarships and fellowships. Applications for 2015-2016 awards open via Apply Yourself on 10/1/14 and complete applications must be submitted via Apply Yourself by 5pm on 12/1/14.
  4. UNLV Outstanding Graduate Student Teaching AwardTo be eligible, candidates must have taught at least 2 complete classes in the last 3 years (from fall 2011 through summer 2014). The 2014 UNLV Outstanding Graduate Student Teaching Award applications are due to Academic Colleges on 11/3/14, and Academic Colleges must submit their nominations to the Graduate College by 12/1/14 by emailing them to: All masters and doctoral students are eligible for consideration, subject to the guidelines provided. The 1st place winner will be given a $2,500 award, the 2nd place winner will be given a $2,000 award, and the 3rd place winner will get a $1,500 award.
  5. UNLV Graduate College Outstanding Thesis & Dissertation Awards Eligible projects for this year's Outstanding Thesis and Outstanding Dissertation awards are those successfully defended between August 1st, 2013, and August 1st, 2014. Nominations are due to Academic Colleges on 11/3/14, and Academic Colleges must email their nominations to the Graduate College at by 12/1/14.
  6. Financial Aid & Scholarships Explore grants, loans, and employment opportunities designed to help fund your graduate education.
  7. Graduate Assistants Gain valuable experience and earn a competitive stipend, plus reduced tuition and waiver of out-of-state fees.
  8. External Funding Sources Browse non-UNLV fellowship opportunities offered across many disciplines.
  9. Graduate Access Retention Awards Policy and Guidelines Emergency retention grants are intended to assist graduate students with immediate financial assistance to prevent students from withdrawing from a program due to sudden, catastrophic financial hardship prior to completing their degree. Retention funds should not be perceived as an alternative "reward" system for students with high GPA's, Graduate Assistants, or students who did not receive another scholarship/grant. The funds are intended to address immediate, short-term financial crises that would impede the student's ability to complete their degree program.