Graduate College Research Certificate Program

The Graduate College Research Certificate Program (GCRCP) is a free, value-added professional development program that provides graduate, and select undergraduate, students with the skills and knowledge necessary to initiate, conduct, and successfully conclude research projects. Once accepted into the program, participants must complete a minimum of 6 approved campus workshops and then complete their culminating experience. The GCRCP workshops are designed to foster intellectual discussion of ethical issues in conducting research, as well as provide insight and training on best research practices. The GCRCP is a collaborative effort between the Responsible Conduct of Research Training sponsored by the Office of Research Integrity, Graduate Student Workshops sponsored by Lied Library, the Committee for Faculty Professional Opportunities, the Office of Sponsored Programs, the Professional Development Committee of the Graduate Council, and the Graduate College.

GCRCP Eligibility Requirements

GCRCP Admissions
Eligible students must complete the GCRCP Application for Admission and submit the signed form to the front office of the Graduate College (FDH #352) during normal business hours. Once your application has been reviewed and approved, GCRCP applicants will receive an email confirmation of your admission to the GCRCP via your RebelMail account which will contain an invitation to enroll in approved GCRCP workshops. You may only get credit for GCRCP courses that you take by enrolling through the special GCRCP invitation system. Please note that you may not just show up to a workshop, participate, and then get credit toward your GCRCP.

GCRCP Requirements
Students must select, register for (using the designated GCRCP enrollment system that is available exclusively to admitted GCRCP students), and complete 6 modules from the free workshops and courses offered as part of the GCRCP. These are variable and subject to change each semester. Examples of the types of GCRCP sessions offered include the following:

GCRCP Culminating Experience
Upon proper registration in, and successful completion of, at least 6 modules or workshops, GCRCP students must then submit to, and present their research/creative activity at, the Graduate & Professional Student Association Research Symposium that is held each spring semester. Undergraduate GCRCP students in the McNair program may opt to present their research at the McNair Scholars Forum; McNair students and Honors students may also choose to present their research at the UNLV Undergraduate Research Forum. With permission, GCRCP students may present their research or creative activity at a professional conference in your field in order to fulfill this culminating experience requirement. Students must submit an abstract of their final presentation and a copy of the conference program showing their name and presentation information, along with a signed GCRCP Completion Form, to the Graduate College within 30 days of their final presentation. If the culminating experience took place off campus at a professional conference in the studentís field, a copy of the conference program with the studentís name must also be included. Once all requirements are met and confirmed via the appropriate documentation, students will receive their GCRCP Certificate and a note on their transcript within one semester.

GCRCP Policies